Indie Book Reviews

I’ve decided to start doing book reviews.  I see so many people like me who can’t find anyone to review their Indie/Self-Published novels because there’s more demand than supply, and realize there’s still a long ways to go to become successful. Reviews can be an integral part of book promotions because so many promotional sites require a minimum number of reviews.  A vicious circle for sure.

While I’m only one person, I’d like to contribute my effort to support other authors and encourage others to do the same. In the next month I will begin reviewing other romance novels, accepting both Indie and Traditional.  I also invite authors to share their resources and success stories on my page for other authors who are struggling, and other pages as well.

If you are someone who offers book covers, marketing, promotion, etc., and would like to be added to my page, let me know.  I will post legit resources on my site.


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