Promotions – Navigating Murky Waters

Like so many, I’ve spent some time trying to promote my books, but afford-ability is a limiting factor, sometimes, time is limited as well. After all, we can’t all afford to hire the best services and PR, but we also can’t spend all our free time trying to find every single free and low cost opportunity. So what can a person do?

I’ve started joining reader/writer groups on facebook, hoping that might help. It seems even shelling out a bit of money elsewhere does little in the way of getting sales. It’s important to try and find new avenues, new ways to get noticed. If you’re shy or an introvert, the idea of trying to put yourself in social settings both online and off can sometimes be frightening.

As writers, let’s remember to support and encourage each other. We all get scared, but let’s all go ahead, join groups, share information and resources, and uplift each other. We’re not just writers, we’re also readers, so be honest, be kind, and get creative, especially with the limited time you have.

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