Review of Emily Baker’s ‘The Erotica Handbook’

On my quest to improve on both my writing and marketing efforts, I have decided to seek what advice I can from several sources, including many great ebooks on Amazon. One that I’ve read, The Erotica Handbook – by Emily Baker, is a good start for romance writers who want to add sizzle to their books. While aimed at encouraging short story erotica, I find there is useful information to assist the novel writer as well. Equipped with advice for those interested in rapid experimentation of writing different genres without negatively affecting your customer base, it also includes a thesaurus section to help the writer who struggles with replacement words for those spicy scenes. I recommend this book for anyone interested in either writing erotica or simply spicing up their romance novels.

The ebook can be found here:

Erotica Handbook – Emily Baker


New Release

I have recently released my latest book A Dangerous Liaison – Phoenix Rising, which is now available at online retailers such as Smashwords, Amazon, KOBO, NOOK, IBook, and Lulu. With that comes the task of trying to promote and market, all which can feel quite overwhelming and discouraging. I still want to go back and go over the first book in the series too, just because I want to make sure it looks right.

Knowing I’m not alone in feeling the weight of the task ahead doesn’t take away the anxiety and the many insecurities associated with putting one’s work out there, but I count myself fortunate to have friends who’ll put me in my place if they feel I’m slacking in my duties as an author, and giving me a nudge when they see I need it.

The road to success is often a shared venture and I’m happy to share mine with those who support me, even when my fears are most stubborn. So thank you to my most supportive friends for giving me a kick in the butt when I need it. In this holiday season I wish everyone happy holidays and a joyous new year.


I know it’s been a while. Honestly, blogging is not my forte. I have finished the first draft of Phoenix Rising, the second book of my A Dangerous Liaison series. Now for editing and revising. Is it just me, or can you revise and edit a book twenty times and still find something wrong with it?

I like the idea of having a professional editor, but all us independent authors are not able to afford such extravagance. It takes a long time and a lot of work for any chance at success. When you don’t have the capital to put on things like editing, marketing, and publicity, it can get somewhat disheartening.

I read an article a while back about this kind of thing. It can take a minimum of three years of full time work and dedication to see any fruit to your labor.
As I begin the process of editing and revising this book, I may just go back and do the same to my last. After all, perfection takes time but it’s worth it. So, to everyone who is in the same boat as me, don’t give up. You can do it. 🙂

A Billionaire Duke – by Gina Robinson

Billionaire Riggins Feldhem, Co-founder of Flashionista, is in for the shock of his life. On top of being the 2nd hottest bachelor, he has just inherited the title of Duke, and with it comes obligations and responsibilities he neither wants, nor needs. To his dismay, he must marry and produce an heir before time runs out, or suffer the loss of his business. Is there a way out, or is he doomed to this thorn in his side?

Haley Hamilton has admired him from afar, but why would he ever spare her a second glance? With much weight on her shoulders she goes on, trying to get by while supporting her ill adopted sister, Sid, who suffers from a rare disease of which only the marrow from a relative can save her. It comes as a surprise that – according to the issuant lawyer of the late Duke’s will – due to her lineage, she’s the only suitable woman to marry the now ‘his Grace’, Mr. Feldhem. To decline would deprive Sid of the chance to live a full and normal life. Can she marry and produce an heir with a man who doesn’t love her, or will she go along with his plan, his offer and efforts to find a loophole of escape, in exchange for enough money and resources to find the relative needed for Sid’s chance at a real life?

To complicate matters, another woman has come forth stating she’s also qualified to become the Duke’s wife. Haley needs to decide quickly. Does she dare try to have it all, or will she allow her perceived better to take away her chance with the man she’s always wanted?

This contemporary Cinderella story is a cliffhanger. I enjoyed it immensely and am eager to read the rest of the series.



I Give it 5 moons.  🙂


Such Is Life

So many of us have goals, dreams, aspirations, but something happens to put those on hold.  The death of a family member, the loss of friends because they are battling a mental disorder you only found out about when they were deep in it, many things can interfere and it’s sad.  No matter what happens, try to always remember the best days, the best things about them, always wish them the best, and hope they find their peace, or peace-of-mind as the case may be.

While fulfilling your goals is important, sometimes it’s just as important to take a step back and reflect.  When you do get back to work, as a writer or artist, use it, your thoughts, feelings, share your heart in your art, it will make it that much more beautiful.  You never know, it could also help somebody.

As someone with anxiety and depression, I understand many of the struggles.  You might live with it, but it doesn’t have to define or control you.  I’m not done, I’m not stopping, I’m just reflecting.

If you’re a Canadian and want to help someone you know with PTSD, you can by visiting the links below.

Have a great day everyone.